Donate/Google free version

Like this, but was told to post in ideas. So the idea is to be able to buy some donate version via PayPal, BC, Bank,. .. whatever sees fit, in case you're using a (example) google-free setup.

There are already illegal methods out there, so I doubt it would cause damage, only benefit those wanting to support the Dev. Could help Google users too, as I've read about diff mail acc and other probs with Pro app

About how, I am not sure, examples:

Xprivacylua standalone (website, you get an app-internal link that unlocks pro app. Only one semi-automatic, depending on payment option, more initial, less work afterwards)

Titanium Backup (email, licence key you put in storage)

Afwall donate (email, link to unlock app, though updates unclear)

Nova Launcher Prime (iirc through app, then: pp, email, licence code registered in app, a bit fuzzy for c&p code, did save in keepassdx then)

Google free version is now available in the DOWNLOADS section

Why has that been marked as completed? Since I got a new device with better Rom support I didn't need some features. Now I fought some things might be nice just to see that happening?

It's nice to have in download section, but this request is about to be able to buy PRO without the Google Eco System. Having the plain apk which you could at least download though mirrors or even Aurora ..... and still no way to buy PRO features without Google is in NO way a completion of this request.

Then state clearly that you're not interested in the money, that you want to stay with Google Payments and that's it.