Delete Widget in-app

the widget was placed somewhere off the screen and I can't find a way to delete widgets unless I tap and drag it on my screen

Because the widget is somehow off screen, I can't actually tap it so is there some way to delete it? The widget still shows up in my main menu

Are you using Kwgt or Klwp?

If you are using Kwgt, and you put a widget in your screen, you only can delete it in your screen. What is your phone and your launcher.

Maybe you can add a new screen in your launcher, and see if the widget appear in the new screen.

By the way, you can check how many screens you have in your launcher, maybe you have 2 or 3 and when you put the widget, you put it in the second or third screen that you don't know that you have. Scroll your screens to see how many you have.

KWGT, I only have 1 screen and I've tried adding new screens and deleting old screens. The widget deleted itself after I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, thanks!

Good, you are welcome😀👍