Delete unused widget

How can wes remove/deleted unwanted widget inside Available Spaces. Tried to find an answer on site with no luck.

The number of widget in the Available Spaces are the number of Kustom Widgets on your home screen. Just remove them from your home screen to remove them from Available Spaces.

Thank you. But I can’t. I have 4 active widget. But I have dozen unactivated widget inside Available Spaces, include empty widget. I’ve done clear cache on kustom, clear Nova Launcher cache, restart launcher and Kustom Widget. But all of those empty widget still stuck on Available Spaces

If you see a widget as active in the spaces it means that some launcher still claims it, it might be a launcher bug, if you are not able to delete them from the original launcher then you have to export your in use widgets, uninstall KWGT and add them again

Thank you. You are absolutely right. Looks like it was launcher issues. I uninstal Nova Launcher. Use default phone launcher, kwgt works fine. Even clock widget shows time correctly. Thank you. I’ll foward this issues to Nova dev