Data Usage Inaccuracies

It appears that the data usage being displayed by KWGT is inaccurate, although I'm unsure of whether this is an issue with my formula or the app itself. The formula I am using (as well as the output) are attached below as file "1".

As you can see by comparing to file "2", the actual mobile data usage is 1.03gb, not the 87.75mb reported by KWGT. I also thought that, perhaps, KWGT was only able to see data usage from the date it was installed, but as you can see in file "3" even that information is not accurate, as from that date I've used 197mb of mobile data. To make things even more interesting, KWGT changed the amount of data it's reporting as used to a lower value just in the time it's taken me to type out this message, which you can see in file "4."

So I guess my questions are this:
1. How is KWGT actually obtaining this information? Is it measuring the data usage itself, or is it doing an API call to the OS's data usage stats?
2. Either way, how are the numbers so incredibly far off? Is there something wrong in my formula?
3. Why would KWGT report 87.75mb and then suddenly report the lower number of 68.86mb?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

By your formula and your if condition used, you are asking for the data from the 3rd day to now if the actual day is less than 3. This is what Kwgt is printing.

Maybe the best way to know the data usage is to use a simple formula that you have in the examples gived in the code editor.

This is correct, and it's what I want because my data rolls over on the 3rd day of every month, so the point of the formula I was using was to account from the 3rd day of the month until the data rolls over the following month.

That being said, I just tried using the pre-built formula for "Mobile traffic from the second day of this month" which is:

$ts(mt, a, 2d)$

This formula gives the exact same output as the formula I was using prior, so it's still not reading the data correctly.

I don't use this codes too much, when I tested it I have a little of differences with the outputs of my phone, maybe a bug like you said. For the 3rd day to now you need to use

$ts(mt, a, 3d)$

Yes, using 3d would display from the 3rd day, but this still prints the wrong data stats, in fact it prints out the same data stats as my formula does.