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I bought the Weather Plugin and use AccuWeather as Weather provider. About 1-2 month ago there were Problems updating the Weather data for a few days. After this was fixed, the number of days in the daily forecast is now only 4 instead of 10. Is this Problem still being worked on/ or is it predictable whether this can be fixed?

The number of days is actually something that you manually set. Here’s the general syntax for for the weather forecast:

wf(type, day, [hours])

day: Forecast day index (0 is today)

Thank you. The formula you showed should work for 10 days according to the information in the settings.

This was also the case in the past. For about 2 months now, however, the formula only works for the first five days (up to days = 4).

The formula wi(pdays) also displays 5 as the result.

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Screenshot of the settings:

Can you try switching providers to OpenWeather and see if you’ll get more than 4 days of the forecast? This is just to check if this is an issue with the API or the app itself. Also, make sure to use $wf$ instead of $wi$. $wi$ can’t forecast far as it’s meant to be used for current weather.

The error only occurs when I use AccuWeather as the provider.
All other providers work as expected.
Here is an example screenshot from Open Weather Map:

I have the same issue in KLWP with AccuWeather. In the images below the formula for the fifth day is the same as 0 to 4 with only the date number changed. It also doesn’t provide an icon for the fifth day and onwards. Strangely enough on the editor it seems to provide data in the formula (but not the icon) but not in the actual rendered screen.

AccuWeather forecast failure

Forecast formula


Thanks for reporting this, issue has been fixed in the backend, no need to update anything on the app it will just start working

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Days now work perfectly. Unfortunately, the hourly forecast no longer works properly. Only the next 11 hours are displayed correctly. From hour 12 onwards, no more data is displayed.

Arghhh i am sorry, i need to better validate changes on accu, i only test current and first day forecast… fix in progress, stay tuned

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This is now definitely fixed.

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The hours are working again. Unfortunately, only 4 days are now available in the daily forecast again.

I don’t know If you changed something again, but now it is working for both days and hours :smiley:

It only works sometimes. Approx. 50 percent of the time only 4 days are displayed.

I did additional tests, this is confirmed been working now, super sorry for the trial and error approach


Thank you very much for your support. Can confirm that it is now working perfectly.

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