Create icons and touch actions

Hello. Can you tell me how to set up such an icon as in the screenshot, so that general messages from programs are displayed? And so that when you touch the icon, they open.

First of all, you’re more likely to get more people helping if your message has a proper short title instead of the whole message being in it.

Secondly, two of the best beginning learning resources are:

Brandon Craft’s excellent tutorials: (videos)


Tored’s wonderful Kode Guide:
A guide to Kode basicsTored’s Kode Guide (text)

Personally I think if these could be ‘stickied’ at the top of this forum and the Reddit one they might help a lot of people.


Good. Thank you for your understanding. You are right. I guess I will read these textbooks, maybe I will learn something…I’ve only been trying to create something of my own for a few weeks. Not having the basics of programming at all. I had another job before that… And now I’m interested in design and creating themes.

The other useful thing you can do is click the ‘hamburger’ menu at top left of klwp and import somebody else’s work. Most of these (unlike Google Play store) are free and you can deconstruct and analyse how they do things.

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That’s what I started with. I got some tips from you, I guessed some, I improvised some. But I don’t understand much in general. For example, I created a simple player myself, it’s not yet possible to get a higher level one.Sometimes something is more complicated (like for my level), and sometimes I don’t understand apparently elementary things…for example, I can’t combine 2-3 third-party ready-made imported widgets in one theme. And so on.

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