Create a vertical widget 1x4

Hi all

I am trying to create a vertical widget 1x4 similar to the 4x1 widget. I dont find a way to do this. Can anybody help me please?

Thanks and cheers


Hi Marco, sure! To create a 1x4 widget do the following:

  • Add a 1x1 widget dragging it on your screen
  • Long press on it, then drag the borders to make it 1x4
  • Click on it to start the configuration and load a preset

If you already loaded a preset

  • Long press on the widget
  • Resize it to that dimensions
  • Click on it in order to start the config or click on the background area if you do not have the config associated
  • Open the editor and use the Layer -> Scale option to make it fit (unless you have autoscale option set to on)

Hope it helps.

Hi Frank

Yes, thank you :) That works perfectly. Just bought your great App!

Thanks! Welcome to Kustom!!