Cover art disappering in Spotify

Using $mi(cover)$ works doesn't work on Spotify Albums. It shows right cover art if a playlist is played, or an artist, but after playing an album, the cover disappears after about 4 seconds.

Samsung S10 with Android 10, current software release as of 5 March 2020
KWGT 3.44b5017
Nova Launcher 6.2.9 (with prime)

Steps to reproduce:
Create a widget.
Add shape with $mi(cover)$ as a background texture.
Open spotify.
Go to "Your Library"->"Albums"->any album->any song
Exit Spotify to the launcher. The cover is displayed only for a few seconds, and then disappears.

yeah exact same prob here. on all my mobile devices. solutions so far: reload spotify tha art will appear, but only for the one specifically played album.

there is some messing between my saved (dwnld) albums and those in the very spotify library. if i play an album from spotify(with artist avatar at the bottom), and i click play several times on a track the cover eventually catch on.

that's shit tho.

playlists ok, like you mentioned.

Try using this:

$if(mi(cover)="",ni(mi(package), bicon),mi(cover))$

@Rodrigo, thank you so much, this worked!

This was an issue with Spotify, this should be solved now as Spotify seems back to the old behavior, if its not you can check version 3.75b407209 or later which has a specific fix for Spotify, you can find it at

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