Copying Global folder causes app not responding(freezes)

so, this I did test it. it is I 100% believe reproduceable bug in which you already have variable named “rl” type of text in klwp global but then if you decide to head over to kwgt create folder of same name and have some variables in it and copy it to klwp then klwp instantly freezes and after about minute dialog shows klwp isn’t responding. I will also attach klwp and kwgt file which i believe this is not my device specific scenario so just in case if someone can’t replicate bug, so we only need to auto rename variable if name already exists in the global. I believe someone did report this issue but was not fully explained how and why it happens (not enough info brought to dev) thus bug was left. but in any case, if rename function is not added if variable with same name exists might cause other to freeze if issues if of copy-paste. Galaxy_bugExport_report_klwp[1].klwp (2.6 MB)
udemy_bugExport[1].kwgt (95.2 KB)

Yes, I’m able to reproduce this issue as well. Already informed @frank about this.

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