Connected Bluetooth device is not displayed

I connect a Bluetooth device and it only appears when I either open any app or when I lock and unlock the smartphone.
Is this a bug?

The same with mobile data. If I activate or deactivate mobile data, the current status will only be displayed if I proceed as described above.

I look forward to an answer and wish you a nice Sunday.

Can you check and make sure that all permissions are set to Always and not just when using the app?

I have granted klwp full access. Does this “error” only exist on my smartphone? Is everything displayed correctly on your device?

Just to confirm, all these permissions are set to Always, correct?

Yes. Or rather, I don’t have the option “always”. I can only set “allow (zulassen)” or “not allow (nicht zulassen)”.
See the screenshot.

Check if you see the “Always” option for the Location permission.

I mean, I know the “always allow” setting. But I can’t select “always allow” for any permissions.

  1. Only allow access while using the app
  2. Ask every time
  3. Not allow

Can you upgrade to the latest beta and see if that helps?

I installed the beta and unfortunately it didn’t work.

Furthermore, the connected BT device is only shown to me when I start another app. If I disconnect the BT device, the changed status is immediately displayed.

I just don’t understand why that is. Is that only for me that way? I can’t find any other complaints about it on the internet.

May I have the make and model of your device? Also, is it possible for you to share a sample preset that demonstrates this issue for you so we can try to reproduce it?

I use a Pixel 8 Pro with all the latest updates.

I created a test preset for you. Thank you for your time and your support!
Test.klwp (1.7 MB)

Even with Brandon Craft’s preset, the error I described occurs.

Thanks for the test file. This seems to work fine for me. Are you trying to track a connected Bluetooth audio device, like a headset or earbuds?

Yes, exactly, I connect earbuds.

When I read your message, I was in a friend’s car and connected my smartphone to the car via Bluetooth. The car as a BT device is displayed immediately.
So does the problem generally exist with earbuds headphones?

Earbuds and headphones should be supported. I tested your preset on earbuds and it worked just fine. Could be a compatibility issue with this specific device.

Okay, I’ll test other earbuds over the weekend and get back to you. Otherwise,

I have to deal with the fact that my earbuds are displayed, but only if I start another app first.

Oh no, I just noticed in the car that the connected car isn’t displayed immediately.

Now I can only imagine that the error is caused by my Google Pixel 8 Pro?!