Computer editor?

hey, just wondering, would it be at all possible in the near future to have some sort of computer editor for klwp and stuff? like some program that shows your wallpapers that you've made and can edit them?

I think it would be good because of the extra functionality the editor could have, especially the ability to see your wallpaper on any sized screen, which would help with making more universal wallpapers

-thanks, Socks out

This would be insanely complex to manage, you can use an Android emulator if you like

I know this is an old thread but i would definitely like to see this..

Try to see how Sony Theme Studio in PC can make themes for sony xperia

I would genuinely love for a proper Computer Editor. though I'm not entirely sure of how you could upload the widgets/edit them remotely. Perhaps a USB, Wifi direct or some kind of connection. Maybe even like Sidesync, where you can control your phone remotely from your laptop/pc.

Since we now have the Kode Editor permission maybe now would be a good idea to revisit this idea?

I know it's not exactly what op requested but I use scrcpy and it's the second best thing.

Actually, could you tell me more about scrcpy? How does it work?

This may help you

Download Rainmeter! This isn't exactly what your talking about but....

This app can do anything and everything customization wise to ur pc desktop and is like KLWP and is only limited as your imagination.

Here is the official link.....yes its free.

And here is a glimpse into some of its capabilities.

the folks on Deviantart have some Awesome and out of this world setups made that you can download for free and was made with Rainmeter.

P.s. a quick Google search for "Rainmeter Skins" and you will find thousands or more across many sites...

Trust me if you haven't done it yet please do yourself a Favor and get it and try it out I Guarantee you'll be impressed if nothing else.

I think what the OP asked for was a desktop editor of KLWP wallpapers for android, not for desktop.

Oh, my well if anything maybe someone will be reading through and find this useful for their pc lol. Thanks