Completely new app - KAOT (Kustom Always on Top)?

Hello everyone! This is my first time on these forums, so I apologise for any mistakes.

So, I want to start by appreciating how amazing these Kustom apps are. I love all of them so much. And, I thought maybe there could be a completely new app!

It’s pretty much your whole home screen is a widget, and Kustom is always on top. There could be new detection functions, like what app is in the foreground, whether it’s in fullscreen, etc. I would find this super useful, and it would give the opportunity to give what the Play Store seems to lack. Some built in presets could a music player that only shows while something is playing, a zoom button, a quick camera button, etc.

And I understand that there may be technical limitations for preventing touch on the Root layer, so that might have to be sorted.

Thank you for reading this, and my apologies for being a little informal. I look forward to seeing how Kustom evolves. :slight_smile: