Color Global Variable problem


I want to toggle color on some module tap.

Created global variable list for example c_list with colors like #FFFFFFFF, #00000000, #......

the # is cleared out because it can be used as separator ok no problem. I have a list without # so FFFFFFFF, 00000000, .....

I created next global variable type (color) for example c_color and set it as formula where I add # something like this: #$gv(c_list)$ or $#+gv(c_list)$ it gives me corrected string like #FFFFFFFF ....

If I use this global variable $gv(c_color)$ and I will set it for some shape color for example and on tap action I will toggle the c_list list global variable the color of the shape is not changing.

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This sounds similar to the problem I was just having. I was setting the colors by using the globe icon and could not get things to work as expected. I then switched to the formula input type and set it to the global variable that way. This got the colors changing the way I wanted.