Co-rotating numbers (hours and minutes)

I have made a watchface that has rotating numbers (hours and minutes).

Maybe someone likes it!

It’s simple and should still show the pulse, but it doesn’t work with my Galaxy Watch 6. It always shows 0 when I select the compilation.

Since I can’t upload a file, here is the link.



When you mention “pulse” are you referring to Heart Rate? If so, I have the same issue too. I tried many different kode examples then added Heart Rate in a Complication slot and I never got it to work.
Frank (the Dev) is investigating it. I’m hoping the fix will come with version 3.75.

Also, nice, clean and beautifully simple watchface! Thanks.

Yes, I meant the heart rate. Puls is the German word for it.
Good that the developer is on it. If I see this correctly, the watch app has no authorisation for the data. At least it is not displayed under authorisation.

I’m glad you like the watchface. Unfortunately, there also seem to be problems with updating the watchface. But the app is still at the beginning.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the rotation correction can’t handle decimal places.
After I rounded to zero decimal places, it works.
For this purpose, I have incorporated a more precise correction in the minute range.

Unfortunately I can’t change the link in the original mail, so here’s the newV

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