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I’m trying to change a background color of the widget on touch and then change it back after 15 sec. I created gv BgColor and set Root background color to this gv $gv(BgColor)$. Then I created a Flow with Manual trigger and action as Formula. But I don’t know how to change gv value in the formula.

Well I haven’t used Flows for this but I change my background with the following formula (in Background Bitmap) and globals:


and I increment the Bkgd# each time I push a button. You should be able to change it to either a fixed or countdown timer easily enough such as:

$if(((df(hh)>12) & (df(hh)<13)) & (gv(bkgd)=xxx), etc. etc. which would only change the background if it’s between 12 noon AND 1pm (1300h) AND gv(bkgd)= whatever.

I cannot see where you assign new value to the gv bkgd. The “=, >, =>” signs are a comparison, not assignment. I need to know a syntax how to chane a value of the variable BgColor in Formula. That’s it.

It’s in the nested if statement.

Text Globals with some colour:

List Global:
gv(bkgrd): b1, b2, b3
The colours could be image file paths as well.

((If x = x), then (x=y),
(else if x=y), then (x=z),
(else if x=z), then (x=x))

$if(gv(bkgrd)=b1, gv(b2),
gv(bkgrd)=b2, gv(b3),
gv(bkgrd)=b3, gv(b1))$

This if_then_else statement doesn’t have a final else value, so either add one like [,gv(bkgrd)=“”,gv(b1))$] or skip it altogether if you’ve error trapped it enough to avoid a null value.

The if_then_else statement would go in a Color formula field for a shape or background. If you’re using images then it would go in the bitmap Pick Image after converting to formula field.

I use a Touch field on a ‘button’ image to toggle ‘Next Value’ for the gv(bkgrd) list global but one could use a timer or other trigger as well, or instead of.

Does that help it make sense? Sorry if I’m not clear.

Thank you very much. It’s a good food for my brain :sleeping:. Should experiment little bit :face_with_monocle:.
I’ve got also another interesting and simple solution on reddit. It worked for me:

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Hi there, You can simply create a global switch, name it BgColor, and select auto off > manual and timer > 15. Then, create 2 gv color. (color1 and color2). For the background formula, the formula should be $if(gv(BgColor)=1,gv(color1),gv(color2))$ And set touch action to gv BgColor.

Yes that’s the same as my swapping globals method, except with only two choices instead of three, and the timer option which I mentioned could be combined as well.

And, as you say, experimenting and making mistakes is the only way to get better. Have fun.

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