Change watchface with Tasker

Is it possible to change the watchface without opening the app and pressing the sync watch button? The load preset action in Tasker doesn’t do anything…

This is not possible YET but its a very good point, i will probably need to create a dedicated action to specifically load and sync a preset from Tasker, moving this to the feature requests.

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thanks, looking forward to it.

This is now available in 3.75 (beta with this feature will be out end of this week), you can use standard “load preset” plugin in tasker to load a watchface

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hi frank, I’m on 3.75b404314beta, but it doesn’t work yet. is there an other version?

Yes, required version is 3.75b405118beta, it took a while to be approved on the store

awesome, thank you!
i think i can finally put watchmaker to rest now.

would it also be possible to wake the watch with this action? right now i have to do it manually for the watchface to change.

This is currently on my backlog

good to know, thanks.

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