Car outside temperature

Hi. I want through tasker and kwgt to see my car’s outside temperature.
The step are discribed above in picture from XDAforum. I use old Zooper widget for this information and working fine.
Can anyone help me to use KWGT for this instead Zooper,?

For step 6, you can use KLWP Send Variable or KWGT Send Variable. Then try to pull the data from KWGT/KLWP with $br(tasker, FOOBAR)$.

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Thanks, what string should I use instead Foobar?

That’s the variable you set in Tasker. You will be asked to provide this information Tasker.

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Thanks a lot
It is working.
But I notice something. Until kustom app read canbus , the reading is showing a magnified text variable. Is there a way showing nothing until kustom widget works or something else or an img!

Awesome! You can use a simple “if” statement to display something if data is empty or if it doesn’t meet certain conditions.

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You mean in tasker. Ok but I don’t know what to write. Variable is %temperature and I want to show nothing when there is no reading. Can you help me what to enter please?

Do this inside KLWP. I’m not sure what kind of output Tasker will give you, but you can try something like this. Say Tasker will output “x” when there’s no data yet,

$if(br(tasker, temp) != “x”, br(tasker, temp), " ")$

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Thanks, I will try it