Cant open editor after upgrading to 3.74 stable

I just grabbed KWGT 3.74 stable from the kustom website and I’ve run into an issue. The editor locks up when opening. It shows a blank grey screen and just sits there. When it locks up, back navigation doesn’t work and Android wont let me swipe the app from the open apps drawer.

All other sections of the app work fine, I checked every screen I could see. I’ve tried opening the editor in multiple ways with no luck. I previously had 3.74b323918 beta installed. I installed the package via ‘adb install’ and it installed without issues. Multiple restarts, downgrading to the 3.74b323918 apk I had and installing the ASOP version doesn’t change anything. Deleting the cache, data and uninstalling/reinstalling the app (3.74 stable) seems to have worked.

I’ve used this app regularly for a long time with no issues so this was a surprise. I thought i’d report it in case its a problem with the new version. I have a screen recording and a debug dump but they’re too big to send via email. Frank, if you PM me, I can give you a google drive link.

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Can you please download version >= 3.74b328516 and check again?
If you still have issues i will need some additional logs / info

I ended up removing and reinstalling the app, data and cache and the issue went away, so I cant test anything. I didn’t realize there was multiple stable versions, so I was a bit vauge there! The version I had issues upgrading to in this post was 3.74b328310 I believe. Since reinstalling, I’ve had no issues upgrading to 516 and then 615 yesterday.

Thanks closing this, yeah there where quite a few updates recently many thanks for the update!

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