Can't load any widgets, either custom or presets

I have a widget saved from my old phone, and it was working fine on my new one. I restarted the phone and suddenly it reverted to the “click to setup” widget and no matter what I do I get an error message and nothing loads.

I reinstalled the app and I have the pro version.

This is a screenshot of the error message.

Edit: I’m on a Google pixel 6

If you are on an AOSP Rom, try this build:

I’m not on any custom ROM. I’m on a normal Pixel and like I said the widget was working perfectly for days. It only broke randomly after a restart.

Then try the latest beta:

You will have to uninstall the current KWGT installation, reboot and then install the beta.

Did you fix this? Are you on AOSP? Are you loading from an APK pack?

This is now fixed by version 3.74b328516
Please download it manually from Downloads | Kustom HQ
Its in review in the Play Store, should be available in beta soon

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