Can't import my widget to my new phone

This is driving me nuts. I’m switching to a new phone. In exported my setup from my old phone and put it in the appropriate “widgets” folder in the Kustom directory of the new phone (and the required font in the “fonts” directory on the new phone).

But it keeps giving me an error and not even showing me the whole error. Here’s what I see: screenshot

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling kwgt twice, resetting the folder in the settings many times.

Any ideas? It’s infuriating that it doesn’t even show me the whole error message.

In case it’s important, I’m using KWGT Pro, 3.74b328615. I know that’s not the most up to date version, but the last time I switched phones I had to fight for a while to get it to import my widget as well, and the thing that ended up working was using that version. So I’ve got that version running on both devices. I’m trying to move from a Pixel 6 to a Pixel 8 Pro, both not rooted.

I suggest you try to first isolate the issue. Check if this is an issue with the preset by trying to import a different one. Also, you can always test this with the latest version and see if you’ll have a different luck on this device.

It let me use a preset from a preset pack I have access to without much issue. There just appears to be something wrong with this one I exported.

But again, I exported it from my Pixel 6 and tried it on my Pixel 8 moments later without altering any files, and the two apps are on the same version, my folder setup is identical on both, permissions are the same, etc. I’d like to know why this very basic functionality isn’t working. The app on one phone is making the file and the same version of the same app on the other phone can’t read the file.

Is there some way I can at least see the error message? Why does the app bother to show error messages that you can’t read?

No thoughts from anyone here? Does anyone even know what the error message says?