Can you set image height/width/position in a formula in KWGT? If so, how?

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help me. I'd like to be able to set the size and position of an image (and maybe other things when I know the syntax) using a formula. The image is a global variable called by an if/then statement and when it changes to one of them I want to change the width, height and position.

The current formula is $if(mi(state)=PLAYING, gv(pausebut),gv(playbutt))$

Any help would be REALLY appreciated. I've tried editing the actual images but haven't gotten far and it WOULD be nice to change it in KWGT when I need to.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, you certainly can do that!

You're question is pretty basic and it really helps to get the basics down before adding "Kodes" so I'd like to point you to a website full of very helpful tutorials that will help get you started.

You can learn how to place and size shapes by picking a couple videos at random but there are a few specifically addressing media players and album art that you can jump right into.

Of course, I do recommend watching them all, multiple times!

Thanks Adam. Really appreciate it!

Oh dang it, sorry ebeest, I want paying attention (again). My abstract was for KLWP and I just noticed you asked about KWGT.

But there's good news! The answer is still yes, and those videos will still help you get started with the basics. But skip anything and everything about animation because KWGT can't do that.

On a side note. If you like KWGT then you will love KLWP because you have much more control over your phone, and they aren't exclusionary, you can use them together. Just be warned, it's addictive and it is the biggest time sink I've encountered since I stopped playing Quake Team Fortress in the 90's.