Calendar widget for multiple events

Hi all, very new to widgets, don’t understand codes etc! Could some let me know the formula I would need to type in using the calendar events to show all events of the day, rather than just 2 from my Google calendar. Just want time and title of all my daily events to show. Thanks all

This should get you started on what you want:

$fl(0,ci(ecount,a0d)-1,“i + 1”,“(df(hh:mm,ci(start,i)) + tc(utf,20) + ci(title,e + i,a0d))”,"

The fl(…) is loop which starts from 0 to ci(ecount,a0d)
The ci(ecount,a0d)-1 which is the number of events you have today (a is all, 0 is today, and d is day [as opposed to hour or otherwise]).
The “i+1” is the increment for your events
Then the df(…) is the time of day formatting for ci(start,i) the starting time of the event [i is the increment for the current event]
tc(utf,20) adds a space between the start time and the current event title.
And last is ci(title,e + i,a0d) which is the title of the current event before it loops to the next event, if any.

Note: the last ,"
")$ in the formula has an actual carriage return or enter in-between the two quotation marks so that each event is put on its own line when displayed.

When you want to add more complexity you can add further days, event ends times, differentiate between all-day and times events, as well as the colours that are used in the Google calendar should you wish.

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Awesome, thank you. I’ll get cracking!