Calendar events not showing on watch

I’ve added display of next calendar event. It shows fine in KWCH preview on my phone, but it’s not showing on my Samsung Galaxy Active 6. In KWCH settings I’ve selected the one calendar I want to see. I checked permissions on the watch and Kustom Watch Maker is in the calendar permissions list. Not sure what else I can check. Other purchased watch faces are able to display the next event.

This is not supported at the moment. Calendar data from your phone are not being synced by KWCH. Check if you can do this using complications in your device instead. I know Frank is already working on getting something like this.

Thanks for the tip Ace! I found my watch does provide a Next Event complication choice. So I changed the text item in my design to use the $cd(3, <>)$ notation and on the watch assigned Next Event to slot 3. I played around with title, stext, and ltext and found that $cd(3, ltext)$ hit the jackpot!

I’m very pleased with the power of KWCH. It’s so much better than the Samsung editor I had used with my previous watch.

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