Calendar Event not working

Hi guys,

Since yesterday all my events are not showing. I use this Kode to display a picture based on the event of the day:

/storage/emulated/0/Pixel Launcher Concept/Google Agenda/Events/$ci(desc, 0, a0d)$.jpg

I have the right return but the picture doesn’t show. Same for the title of the event, the location, etc.

Is someone facing the same issue?

Could be an access issue. Try moving your images inside the Kustom folder and use the format below to pull them:

file:///Kustom/Pixel Launcher Concept/Google Agenda/Events/$ci(desc, 0, a0d)$.jpg

Hi Ace, thanks for the reply.

No changes. The issue is not only for the pictures. It’s all about the calendar preset. If I add a0d, it’s not working. Same for a1d, etc.

All the ci preset are impacted.

I do the same for the weather and the pictures are working. Only the calendar part is impacted.

Maybe an update will solve this issue. If you have other ideas, I take them ahaha!

Got it. Go to the app settings >> General settings >> Calendar to show. Set this to all and see if that will make a difference.