Blurred effect gradation

Is there a way to have a blurred gradation? Say a square with blurred effect 100% to 10%?

Hi, this is difficult even for a good image editor 😁

What you can make is

put an overlap group

put inside a shape and in the fx >bitmap put your image

put over this an empty komponent

put inside the komponent a shape with the same size of the other and in bitmap put the same image, blur the image at your like

in the komponent put over this a shape with the same size, color 00ffffff (transparent), go to the fx and in texture select vertical gradient, color ffffffff (white)

go to the paint of this shape and in Filter choose Xor

this are going to make visible the 00ffffff portion of the image behind this, and transparent the portion of ffffffff.

you can play a little with the offset of the vertical gradient (70 maybe is an option) to see if this is near as you want.

Thanks for your help .

You are welcome!! I remember you from G+, I notice you that in MeWe are users from G+ creating communities, like Kustom Kodes and Kustom Galleries, maybe you want to join this users. 😁👍

I may do that. Are there a lot of people on MeWe?

I think that are a portion, we(the G+ users) are trying to find our new place in the world 😁😂 I think that this are good options to us. The most users that spread the word, we can have a good community there.

I have been using Reddit and Twitter

Good options too, but not a community like the G+, I'm in Reddit too (Urupackers there) and I'm going to follow you in Twitter 😃👌👍

Thank you! I will follow back if I don't follow you already