Bitmaps not exporting correctly

Running on latest release in Google Play store, Samsung Galaxy A71. Every time I export my preset, everything continues to show fine on my phone even after unloading/loading again, but when I send the preset to my spouse’s phone to test, none of the images I have set as bitmap globals seem to be loading, and one or two random others will be missing as well. I’ve gone through the .klwp file and it seems like they aren’t exporting correctly, because they’re nowhere to be found inside the .zip.

Edit: it seems like it’ll save the bitmaps if I manually repick them every time before exporting - i went through and remapped every image, then exported, and my .klwp file shot up from 4mb to 9mb. I reloaded the preset, made a few changes, then re-exported and it went right back down to 4mb. It seems like the problem is images that haven’t been mapped in the current editing session don’t get exported sometimes. It’s strange that it only seems to happen to global bitmaps, though.

This could also be a storage access issue. Can you check if the images that are placed inside your Kustom folder will export properly?

I placed all of my images inside of the Kustom folder, remapped all of them, and tested exporting a couple times. It didn’t seem to change the behavior, it still seems to mainly skip exporting images that I have set as global variables unless I’ve mapped them in the current editing session.