Bitmap/pick image issue

When trying to add an image or a shape with bitmap texture, I select pick image but all I am getting is a blank screen that closes a second later.. I have been using KLWP for quite some time and this is my first issue with it. I'm not sure if its an issue with the app or maybe my phone..?

When you click the "pick image" button Kustom asks Android to open an external app capable of doing that, if you get a blank screen it might be that there are no such apps or that Kustom for some reason is not able to launch it, please try the following:

  • Ensure you are on latest release of Kustom (check if there are any update on Play Store)
  • Try to reboot once, your system might have memory issues and this might cause the problem
  • If you still have the problem ensure you have a proper app that allows you to pick images, you can try to install for example Piktures and see if that works

Does it have to be set as default image editor? I have no defaults so I get the option to pick my preferred app at that moment. Could this be where it goes wrong?

Ciao Michele, no, that shouldnt be the issue, can you test if latest beta still have this problem? I rewrote some stuff in the image picker, you can manually download the latest beta from


I´m also having this issue, only in one of my devices (Huawei Mediapad M5). In my Samsung Note 3 works without problem.

I have installed the last version, tried rebooting and have apps installed (like Google photos, gallery, or es file explorer) that allow me to pick a image in my note 3.