Bing Background


If someone wants to use a Bing background that changes daily in KLWP, he can use this formula after selecting at Background - Image.

The size can be adjusted, is currently at FullHD and it detects and changes the orientation.

$if(si(land)=0,“”+tc(cut,tc(reg(tc(reg, wg(“”, txt),“.urlbase",“”),",.”,“”)), 3, tc(len, tc(reg(tc(reg, wg(“”, txt),“.urlbase",“”),",.”,“”)))-4)+“_1080x1920.jpg”,“”+tc(cut,tc(reg(tc(reg, wg(“”, txt),“.urlbase",“”),",.”,“”)), 3, tc(len, tc(reg(tc(reg, wg(“”, txt),“.urlbase",“”),",.”,“”)))-4)+“_1920x1080.jpg”)$

Have fun with it


Thank you for sharing this, Andi.

Can either of you help me.
Im not a complete noob, but it keeps returning
‘Err: cant follow a literal with another literal’

Ive even asked chatgpt, but cant find where the error is.

I selcted background
Selected image
Checked the bitmap box to bring up the calculator icon,
Clicked the calculator icon
Then pasted your code.

I hope that is enough info to see where im making a mistake.

I appreciate it

It is the right Way in KLWP.

Here ist the formular without landscape. Make shure it’s all copyed in the Formulareditor.$tc(cut,tc(reg(tc(reg, wg(“”, txt),“.urlbase",“”),",.”,“”)), 3, tc(len, tc(reg(tc(reg, wg(“”, txt),“.urlbase",“”),",.”,“”)))-4)$_1080x1920.jpg

Make sure it looks like the Screenshot.

Hope IT will Help you

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Thank you man, i really appreciate the response and its working fine.

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You wrote an interesting formula
But it didn’t work for me!
Actually, I changed the sign “” to " by modifying the code text
Now the text appears as page not found in the output text

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I don’t know if anything is changed in the formula when I paste it into the board. So here is a screenshot. I have the formula in my tablet and it works.