Bi(fullempty) no longer returns accurate estimated time remaining

I’ve notice in the past few months that bi(fullempty) no longer returns accurate estimated time remaining. I know ‘accurate estimate’ contradicts itself but in the past the estimate was pretty close to what the phone was reporting.

Now, after charging, my phone reports 1 day and 6 hours remaining but bi(fullempty) reports 4 months remaining.

Should I be doing something different to report time remaining?
Should I not report until battery level gets below a certain % (assuming that the accuracy will get better as the battery drains)?
Any help would be appreciated.


Google Pixel 6a
KWGT 3.74

I have the same problem with KLWP v3.74b331712.

Using Google Pixel 6a at 50% battery, system shows 12 hours remaining but KLWP reports 5 months.
Using Google Pixel 4a at 56% battery, system shows 13 hours remaining but KLWP reports 2 months.

I also have a Nokia phone and Samsung tablet but they are working fine.

It is required to go through charge cycle a few times to get a better estimate if it is a new phone. But I’ve been using this function on Pixel 6a for almost a year. The estimated time was accurate until recently.

I’ve just tried using KWGT v3.74b331712 on Pixel 6a and it shows 2 weeks remaining. So both KLWP and KWGT are showing inaccurate but different values on the same phone.

Could be data corruption. I suggest doing a clean install and see if that helps.

Tried clear storage and setup the App again 2 days ago. At first, it shows 14 hours remaining which seems ok. But then, the value keep growing until charged. Now the battery is 65%, system shows 13 hours remaining but KWLP reports 15 days.

Are you running Android 14?

Android 14 on Pixel 6a, and 13 on Pixel 4a.

After a few days of normal use, the battery is 67% now and KWLP reports 42 days.

Can you tell me what you did to clear storage? Did you uninstall the app and re-install or did you do something else?
Did you lose you configuration and widgets?

I backup my screen using “Export Preset” from KLWP menu first. Then go to Android Settings → Apps → Kustom LWP → Storage and cache → Clear storage. It removes app settings and data, reset permissions and clear all cache, just like a new install before launching for the first time. But it won’t touch anything in the Main Storage folder where I save my export.

Then I open the app, configure some general settings, use “Import Preset” to load my screen and set as Live Wallpaper.

Resetting the app does not fix the problem but probably removes the battery history. Now it is almost 2 weeks since I cleared the storage and the estimate shows “months” again.

Edit: just to be clear, app configuration will be lost.

Thanks for the info. I probably won’t attempt this since it only seemed to help you for a short amount of time. I wonder what changed to make the estimate so far off. It used to work fine for me then it didn’t.