Autosave broken in KWGT v3.74

It’s really annoying that Battery Optimization screen always shows up even though I have KWGT Unrestricted in Battery Settings, it always works with v3.73.
Just like every time I save on v3.74, when checking autosave, the file is 0KB, no preview is displayed and when loading KWGT it says File not found. Sadly it’s been like that since last month and there’s no way to fix it yet

Is anyone here experiencing the same situation?


Temporary work around:

  1. Uninstall KWGT Kustom Widget Maker version 3.74
  2. Download older version 3.73b314510 from established, known APK site and install it
  3. Play Store app settings - Don’t auto-update apps. This is to ensure the older version is not automatically updated by Play Store

Yes, I am seeing the same two problems.

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I too am having this issue. Guess its back to Chronus for now. But is the issue with Kustom or the latest Android or the new ONEUI upgrafe? Too many upgrafes at the same time? Cant see THAT creating an issue.

I am not able to reproduce this, which OS are you running? How did you set notification mode in the app?

This one instead is a bug, working on a fix ASAP

Please be careful there is only one official APK download link at Downloads | Kustom HQ

(Sorry for the confusion) I’m using a Pixel 8 Pro with Android 14, And what do you mean by setting notifications in the app? I always leave everything default except media player

Autosave is fixed in 3.75, beta is out for manual download (except KLWP) at Downloads | Kustom HQ

In 3.75 all my presets in kwgt are corrupted

Latest beta is broken, I have paused release and will remove it from manual downloads, sorry for the issue working on it

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