Auto sizing shapes

I would like to see an implementation of shapes with 100% width/height so it adapts to the group it's in.

If the group grows, so will the shape.

Tnx :)

Can already be done. set height/width as formula and select container height or width formula for each

Nope, that is the root container. The screen size in custom pixels.

That works in overlap groups?

Understood, but in that case I don't understand your request. a groups size is dictated by it's largest shape. The group doesn't grow unless your shape does, so growing a shape if your group does, doesn't make technical sense because for your group to grow, your shape must already have done.

However, if you grow one shape withing your group which makes the group grow, and you want other shapes within that group to grow at the same time as the shape you are adjusting, then you need to set the size of the shapes based on the same global/formula. adjust 1 and they all adjust and your group grows at the same time as all shapes.

There are bigger items in a group and I want my shape to use the width or height of the group in its formula.

The idea is to be able to give an item an id and get its height or width using something like $xx(width,yyyy)$, where yyyy is the name you gave the item.

Dimensions for some items aren't fixed. A good example for this is text. You can always get the number of characters and resize the container accordingly. But that works only if the letters are all the same width. There aren't a lot of such fonts.