App issues and suggestions KWGT Widget Maker for Android

First I would like to let you know that I was a bit angry and irritated that you removed my problem and deleted my account [email protected], which is why I had to sign in with my google account, but my questions that I had asked already there was none. I didn’t ask, nothing immoral, my questions were more related to problems with the KWGT Widget Maker application, as well as a suggestion for optimization, but alas they were deleted by you and I can’t reproduce them, but anyway I didn’t get an answer to the questions si you disappointed me a bit, we want a save for the app, we as users pay and we are expected to get feedback on issues, unfortunately things are not working out, despite all that I remember from my last issue question from this one link - is as follows:

  1. In the KWeather application, I have set AccuWeather as the weather provider, but unfortunately the weather is not always updated;
  2. It would be nice to add an option to manually set the location in the KWGT Widget Maker settings for timing, rather than automatic determination via GPS;
  3. Ability to add animated images or videos to KWGT Widget Maker when setting up and creating a weather widget, which, in order not to drain the battery too much, has the option of both continuous display and stopping the animation after display;
    This is unfortunately what I remember and I await an answer to the questions posed.
    With respect,
    Anton Todorov

Hello! We haven’t deleted anything from the old site but migration was not very easy so maybe some content was lost, this was not intentional, sorry for that.

You can set a manual location in the app settings under Location → Primary Location , just find a place a click on it, this will also set time for that specific place. If this is not what you are looking for feel free to open a new thread in the Ideas section.

Animations are not supported on Kustom Widget and will never be unless Android changes how Widgets are displayed. If you search the forum i think this was requested many times.

Please ensure you are on latest release and subscription works, if you see weather has not updated according to the network update settings please check in the weather settings by doing a force update and see if the app is displaying any error.