Any way to use time zone?


Coming from Zooper, I had a widget with 5 different digital clocks (locations I'm doing business with). More over, if I was out of my home time zone, I would also add a home clock.

Is there any way to know my current local time zone and also add a clock where I can modify it's time zone through the text field itself? I'm aware of the 3 custom time zones in the global settings but it's complicating things as I have to add multiple layers etc.


Hi! Well, adding a "Layer" or "Group" should be simplifying things! Since you can just create your clock digital or analog, and then, by changing only one option in the group, you can change the timezone of all elements inside.

Doing that on a formula basis would make things more tricky because you would need to change that on every single item and also another user using your preset would require to change all those formulas to change the timezone.

I can plan to add a custom "Timezone" field in the Layer option, would that fit?

Thanks Frank,

I completely understand the use case for having a layer-wide timezone / locality setting. This is very useful.

In my case, I was looking to have a "world clock" to help me with my work and to have 5 (or even more) different clocks on one line of text (i.e. "GMT: hh:mm PST: hh:mm EST: hh:mm IST: hh:mm ...." etc. etc.) and creating each short text message as a separate layer is a significant effort. Also, I can only have 3 localities pre-set in addition to my actual phone locality. If I would also know my phone timezone (the actual timezone I'm in right now), I will also be able to eliminate or add other timezone clocks based on my needs.

If you can add two parameters/fields - the "Timezone" field based on the current phone setting and "Timezone" field based on the current layer (i.e. 'phoneTz' is the current phone-Timezone and layerTz is the current Layer's timezone) , it will also solve my problem as I can programmatically manipulate the time shown based on those two parameters. If this can be added I will greatly appreciate it!

Thanks a lot and a happy new year!

So adding a "TimeZone" param below the "Location" param in the layer is already planned, once you will have that you can just create your text in a Komponent or Layer, then you copy / paste it 2/3/4/5 times and just change that option. Using a Komponent will be the best way of doing this since it makes things super reusable.