Amazon Music not detected for widgets

Whenever I use Amazon Music for listening to music, my widgets never reflect the information from it. Whereas the widgets update when Spotify, VLC and even when Shazam plays the songs.

I think it’s a bug, I have even restarted the device many times and have stopped all other music playback and it still doesn’t update the widgets.

Android OS (OxygenOS) version: 14
I am on KWGT Pro version, latest

Please fix this bug and solutions to fix this are appreciated :pray:

Thanks in advance!

KWGT relies on reading music data from the notifications panel. Make sure that your Amazon Music app displays them there so KWGT can access them.

Amazon Music does display it in the notifications panel, just like every other music provider. Don’t know why it doesn’t detect only this, when every other service works absolutely fine.

Go to app settings >> General settings >> Preferred Music Player. Check if Amazon Music is listed here. That should tell you if this is due to a compliance issue.

That was it! It had only Spotify, VLC and Shazam added to the preferred providers. Added Amazon Music (it was listed, thankfully) and works like a charm!!


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