All touch actions disappeared with latest KWCH app update

The latest update resulted in a really weird issue: All touch actions have disappeared from my watchfaces. This seems consistent across all previously created watch faces (I made more than a dozen) ; every single touch action is gone like I never created it in the first place.
I first thought that somehow the app/watchface is not responding to the touch anymore, so I cleared cache on phone and watch and uninstalled/reinstalled the app, before finally checking the code and finding that all touch actions are simply gone. All other aspects of the watchfaces seem OK.
S22 plus, OneUI 6.0, KWCH 3.75b404014beta

Same issue with Version 3.75b404116beta

Quick update: It seems like the import/export routine was changed in the latest update? When I import old watchfaces that I had not used in a while (and which have hence not been opened in the latest app version before), the touch actions are gone, i.e. it seems to be “stripped” during import. If I add them in, export the watchface, kill the app and restart, and then reimport this watchface, the touch action is still there. So, as long as the touch action was created in the 3.75 version of the app, it seems to import/export fine, but it is stripped upon import if the watchface was saved with a previous app version.

A different, but likely related issue: When exporting a watchface from the 3.75 app version, the name of the watchface disappears, i.e. it shows in the Library without any name. If I import it, it works fine, though (but is still missing the name).

I came across this as well, but it was fixed by re-specifying the Touch function of each complication. I’d say it was something to do with the update allowing up to 8 complications per watchface, which probably threw the old complications out of wack.

So touch actions that were gone were related to complications only?

All of the ones I’ve checked so far are missing the previously configured Touch actions, not just those related to complications.

Confirmed. All touch actions seem to disappear. (None of mine are related to complications)

has the last update also caused with issues with this?

From what I see, the touch actions from previously saved watch faces are still gone. However, if I retore the touch actions now and save the watch face, the touch actions are maintained when I reload the face. So, I would say “problem half solved”…?

The other major issue, i.e. the loss of the name of the watch face when saving, still persists: Any watch face saved with the latest two beta versions loses its name. (The watch face file is saved properly and the file has the correct name, but KWCH does not recognize nor show the name in the library, and asks for a name to save every time again). This is stopping me from making any new watch faces right now, since it is impossible to keep track of development.

Thanks for looking into these issues!

I am working on this issue very sorry for this! Will update ASAP

Thanks! Truly appreciate your work!

This is fixed by latest beta, again sorry for the issue

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