I am trying to have a gallery of music albums on my wallpaper when I play music. See attachment. I have located the album thumbs directory in Android and it has all the art files, but the problem is they are stripped of there .Jpg text ending so when I look for a random image to load it doesn't find any.

Is there a way that klWP can just load a file type "as if" it were a jpeg?

If this was a wallpaper just for me I wouldn't mind just making a fake album art directory with some of my album art has a proof-of-concept. However, I was hoping I could publish this and have it work on anyone's phone

I assume you want a random image that changes every X seconds on the wallpaper, right? If yes then you can use the TU function to select a random image, if your images are not ending in ".jpg" just select them using the normal file mode so $tu(rndfile, 5, "/sdcard/covers")$ for example. If your images all contain some pattern like "cover" then use $tu(rndfile, 5, "/sdcard/foo", "cover")$ instead

Thank you so much that change was exactly what I needed! There's so many features it's kind of hard unbearing all the potential of this app.

It would be nice if eventually we could have contact info and contact pictures talk with klwp. But I understand that that would make it so you have to have multiple versions for different Android.

Attached is my happy new interface while playing music!