Add comment in the examples

few updates ago kustom add the ability to comment on formula but i don’t think ti’s officially written in the documentation. I’ll be nice to also put it in the example because i keep forgetting if it need */ or /*

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Hello @Just_Robin

Here are the release notes for the feature.

Build: 3.71b308214
Size: 30.75mb
Uploaded: 2023-03-23T15:04:01.332Z
Release Notes:

  • You can now C style use /* comments */ inside $kustom expressions$
  • Brand new export dialog, feedback welcome!
  • You can now export as image
  • Flows can open URI and Intent links (so you can set Tasker vars)
  • Flows can store any type of globals not just text globals
  • Fixes new preset being re-exported causing duplicates
  • Fixes music player info providing wrong package name
  • Fixes feels like temperature not using provider data in AccuWeather
  • Fixed “$wi(tempu)$” not changing when settings changed

Keep in mind that it has to be within the $'s

For example :

$tc(cap, "320" /*Use for 3.2 GB*/)$ will only show 320 for the output

Source :

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