Using AccuWeather in KWGT

Want to show Real Feel Temperature

I see it has heat index and wind chill temps but those are not what I want

The AccuWeather API says it has real feel but KWGT weather does not have that as an option to select

Please help :pray:

I think, but cant be 100% certain, that what other providers call “feels like” is what Accuweather calls Real Feel.

Thats easy to crosscheck: just compare the value from Kustom with what Accuweather website gives for your location.

Edit to add:
The function for “feels like” is:


Thanks for your support …

The Kustom feels like temp (heat index) using AccuWeather as the provider is always way higher than the AccuWeather app real feel temp (sometimes 8 to 10 degrees)

I don’t know what the glorious developer is putting in there, but it is not the AccuWeather real feel temp

Weird, I just checked and Im getting the same value.
What code-function are you using?

$wi(flik)$ under current weather

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Yup, thats the one. I dont know what else to say, it all works as expected here.

I just tried another nearby town and the kustom actual temp and feels like temp are much more realistic and match up with the AccuWeather app info

Thanks for your interest and help :slightly_smiling_face: