A MUST: Flow action to stop flow and exit

Title says it all, I would like a flow action to stop flow and exit flow - maybe based on local variable and formula, so perhaps the flow action “stop and exit” will feature a formula field where if statement will be evaluated and on “true” it continues the flow passing the stored local var, on “false” the flow is stopped and exited.

The need for such an action is so that we can create flows which are based on conditions met thus skip the ram and time intensive functions of a flow when not needed.

Please, please, pleeeeeeeease?

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Already there. See set local variable + enable error if emply.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I already found out this method but it is somewhat of a workaround and not an actual, targeted action for the purpose.

Thanks anyway!

I agree that an explicit action type would be better and I have no idea why flows were created this way. But I do not think it was an after-thought or work around. It seems quite intentional (along with the lack of an action that simply starts another flow). I have some very complex and modular flows in my setup. It took some learning and doing/trying but this does work (as does triggering another flow via formula when I want to).

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Yeah I did find a helpful post the other day about flows, coming to think of it, it must be yours and Im fascinated by what you can do with flows already. Im in the process of making my dream weather widget and flows play an integral part in making it “modular”, compatible with the perks of different providers ( show hide stuff when not supported, etc).
Will definitely post and share my creation when its done.

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yes, flows are really a great addition. best!