3d parallax

I have been using klwp and 3d parallax background(with my own personal creation) back and forth for a while. Naturally, I much prefer klwp but I still love being able to wow people with a high quality gyroscope enhanced background. So my question is this: is it all possible to use the apps in combination? I'm kind of new to klwp, and aside from basic creations, I haven't delved too deep and haven't surpassed the learning curve yet. If it is possible, a detailed explanation of how would be highly appreciated.

Hi Charles, no you cannot use another live wallpaper together with KLWP, however it shouldn't be too much of a problem to create a similar setup with KLWP, just create an image module with your image, make it bigger than the screen then apply a Gyroscope animation of type Scroll and you are done.