24 hour clocks (should be reeeally easy to implement)

Hello everyone. I am a big fan of 24 hour clocks, i.e. clocks with the short hand doing a 360 degree rotation in 24 hours, not 12. I'd absolutely love to have the opportunity to create a custom 24 hour clock on my Kustom Lock Screen. However, for now there is only an option to rotate objects depending on the hour in the standard 12-hours scheme. Could you add an option to this list to allow rotation depending on the hour in a 24-hours scheme? This should be really easy to implement.

If my idea is unclear, please let me know so I can explain it further. Thank you very much.

Hi, this is a good option to add, in the meantime you can make it with formulas in the rotation of the short hand, if you want I can send you the formulas, let me know if you want it.

Hello Nelson,

oh thank you, that's some really good news! Could you tell me the necessary steps to implement this rotation behavior with formulas?

You can use the formulas in the rotation of the hours hand


Offset> here you need to use this formula

$360/1440*((df(H)*60)+df(mm))$ this if you want the hand go smooth

$360/24*(df(H))$ this is you want the hand point to the center of every number, and change only in the exact hour.

Hi Nelson, thanks, I used your formulas, but now, the clock hand's position is only ever updated once I open the app. Not useful for a Lock Screen clock. Is this a general problem or did I do something wrong? Thank you very much

To be honest I tested this in Kwgt and work as intended, maybe you have Klck in battery save mode in your phone, and this is preventing the app to update as needed, you need to remove the app from the battery save mode, other than this I don't know what can be the problem, you need to use this formula only in the rotation of the clock hand, I don't know how this can affect the other hands, it's a weird behaviour.

I'm testing it in Klck and work well👍