24 hour Analog watchface

I’ve been working on a 24 hour analogue/analog watchface for my Pixel Watch 2. I thought I’d share it here for others to use if they wish. Full disclosure, I based it on the Animated Rings face which came preloaded on KWCH, so thank you to its author, @mhcharlee, for doing the ground work. I’m still tweaking it, working out its finer details. Some of the components don’t work well on the square display, but I haven’t been too worried, as I’ve only been using it on my Pixel watch’s round display.

24hr_analog (1).kwch (628.0 KB)

One issue I’m still having, is that the Interactive components don’t always display when I turn my wrist to wake the watch up, so I’m still working it out.
I’m happy to get any constructive criticism.