Zodiac Images


Exists function for changing pictures of zodiac during a year?


If you want to use one that is already ready just press "+" in the editor, select Komponents and select the Zodiac komponent. If you want to create your own just do this

  • Create an Komponent that will contain all images
  • Add an Image object to the layer just created and pick the Aries zodiac sign image
  • Select the "Opacity" property and switch it to "formula" mode using the calculator icon
  • Click it and enter following code $if(ai(zodiac) = ARIES, 100, 0)$ this will set opacity to 100 when sign is Aries and to 0 when its not
  • Add another Image object to the layer and repeat the steps above for all the signs
  • Done!

You can also press "export" in the Komponent to save this and distribute it to your friends if you like

I will test it. Thank you very much.

I tests it , the code working but I must use $if(ai(zodiac) = ARIES, ALWAYS, NEVER)$


I did mistake I check visibility of overlap groups not opacity of picture. I bad understood. Now I use it good and it is OK. :-))