Yahoo Weather wind speed significantly off

Not sure if this is an issue in KLWP or with Yahoo, but it's regularly reporting hurricane force winds, about 10x what the actual wind speed is. For example, 89 MPH winds when the Yahoo Weather app is saying 6 MPH (and when it feels like 6 MPH outside).

Both the metric and local wind speeds show the same very high wind speed, but other weather info like wind direction is correct.

This is in the weather provider, Kustom apps only show the information broadcasted by the weather provider.

Thanks for the information. I'll see if there's a place to ask about the Yahoo Weather API.

I'm getting the same problem with KWGT. But the Yahoo weather app displays correct temperatures, so I don't think the problem is theirs, unless they use a different source for their own app. Has anyone find a fix?

Nice to know it's not just me seeing the issue. I did contact Yahoo about it and they said they had not seen that behavior with their weather API before. Haven't found a fix yet.