Wrong mobile data consumption

Data consumption is way off. I just added the formula a week ago, at the beginning the number was fine, but as soon as I started to use WiFi Hotspot to get Internet on my laptop the readings started to diverge. Please take a look.


It looks like Kustom is not able to count the portable hotspot, can you confirm that if you remove the data used by it the counters are aligned? If yes that might be an OS issue since Kustom takes info directly from an API call and if there is a mismatch it means that the OS itself is not counting that data in the mobile interface counters.

I did that calculation and the numbers do not match. It does count some hotspot traffic, but not all of it. When I get the time I'll try to do some more testing to see if I can add some more info to try to clarify where the problem is coming from.

I'm using a LG G5 stock Marshmallow with KWGT