Would like a check box in export preset form to keep specified file name as new standard filename

At present if you set the filename to "wildcat14", export it, edit it some more, then go to export it as eg "wildcat15", KLWP often will have a filename used many saves before in the form e.g. "Owl17" in the filename field, so you have to delete the filename, retype the whole new filename then export. Again, edit preset, go to export, the filename shows "Owl17", again have to delete entire filename, retype "wildcat16". I'm sure it used to be the case that if you saved "wildcat14", edited preset, went to export, the filename entry would still show "wildcat14" (i.e. The last filename used) so you only had to delete one character to make it "wildcat15". Hope this makes sense

Ok update I cleared my phone and klwp cache the other day, first time for ages, and this problem has now fixed itself- filenames are updated to the latest one when exporting,

It’s gone back to doing it again even after clearing cache so still would like the checkbox