World clock

Is it possible to make a world clock (time from another area)

Off course! If you want to change the timezone / location of your entire Widget / Wallpaper then just open the editor and go to the "Layer" tab, there you can change the "Location" to an alternate one, this will impact both the timezone and the weather / location stuff, you can change the alternate locations in the app settings. If you just want to change the timezone you can use the timezone override option alone.

If you want to have multiple timezones or locations inside the same Widget / Wallpaper then:

  • Add an Overlap Group or Komponent
  • Put your clock or weather inside the Group or Komponent
  • Then change the Location or Timezone in the Group of Komponent Layer tab
  • This will change the time only on that specific container

Hope it helps

Thank you so so much for sharing this 🌙🤍🌙