Widget Refreshtime under C Locker Pro


Now that i've (almost) finished polishing my wallpaper with KLWP, I'm trying to improve my Lockscreen.

For multiple reasons i use C Locker. I was happy to discover that i can add widget from KWGT into C Locker Lockscreen.

So i built a Clock Widget and Music Player widget. The second hand and the current time for the music i'm playing don't refresh every second but once every few seconds. Do you know were this could come from ?

The default clock Widget form c Locker or the Poweramp Widget don't have the same behaviour.

Thank you in advance

Android Widgets do not know if they are currently displayed or not, this means that they will run also when you are using another app like a browser (even if Kustom widget never updates when screen is off it still doesn't know if you are actually looking at it or not when screen is on), so, from a technical point of view KWGT could update every second but the feature has been disabled to avoid battery issues or performance issues when very complex presets are being used. This could change in the future if Android OS or Launchers will add a better support for this

Currently KWGT will update every minute tick or 5 seconds if music is playing