Widget not synching


My device is OPPO Realme2 ( Colour OS 5.2- Oreo). The widget does not sync with time if I press the all clear memory function of my mobile ( Which I uses every time). I have turned off the battery saver function to allow it to run in the background. But it doesn't work.

The widget will work if I just open the app & keep the app running in background.

But I don't see this problem with the Google app wigets even if I clear all the memory 💁

So please take this problem seriously & Fix this ASAP.

For any further enquiry, you can contact me via my email address [email protected] 😊

I don't know if is good to Kwgt or Klwp to clear memory of the app every time, if this happen only when you clear memory maybe you can whitelist the app from the clear memory, this are apps that need to stay in memory to mantain the run in background, and this is a different app than Google app widgets that are conected to the central services, here you have many queues in the app to your phone.