Widget not fitting all the way to the sides

I have a Galaxy Note 8 and widgets are not fitting all the way to the sides. I have made a black rectangle with KWGT and placed it on a grey background so you can see. I definitely have the widget maxed and the padding too, so there should be no grey showing at the sides.

This is usually a launcher issue, which launcher are you on? Is it Nova? Please ensure widget size is set to "LOCKED" in the app settings and also resize the widget BEFORE loading the preset the first time.

Yes Frank it is set to locked and I'm using Nova. I'm pretty sure it can't be fixed via the settings.

If it was down to the launcher then surely I would have the same problem with Zooper and I don't? I am able to create the exact same example widget without the same issue occuring.

PS.Happy Christmas!

Zooper doesnt have this issue because Zooper is targetting API 13, this problem was introduced in Android 4, Kustom is targetting Android 7.0. So Zooper and UCCW are NOT affected.

If you are on Nova just do this

- Add the widget on screen

- Resize it BEFORE loading the preset

- Long press on the widget and select "PADDING" (its a nova option that removes the padding)

- Load the widget

P.S. if you want more info there is an article on this from HD widgets author


This didn't fix the issue, still Zooper and other widgets are working well but not KWGT. However I can't resize the widget cause it's actually nova search widget at the bottom



Well I don't know which widget has an active development, The abandoned Zooper or the just updated KWGT in 2019 anyway never mind and happy bad ratings on the play store. 👍